Development achieved post-republic establishment far outweighs that during monarchical rule: PM Prachanda

Development achieved post-republic establishment far outweighs that during monarchical rule: PM Prachanda

CHITWAN –  Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that development has been achieved many times more after the establishment of the republic than during the period of monarchical rule.

Addressing a programme after laying the foundation of the ‘Signature Bridge’ to be constructed over the Narayani river here today, he said it is wrong to create a negative narrative that nothing has taken place in the country without making a comparative study.

“Anyone making a comparative study of the 250 years period of monarchical rule and the two decades of the republican period that many times more development has been achieved in the last two decades than during the 250 years,” PM Dahal said, adding that Nepal has made a good progress in terms of development of physical infrastructures as the road infrastructure, education, health communications, drinking water, electricity, and also in terms of humanitarian development like social security, service delivery, simplification of services and their effectiveness, among others.

Stating that the road network has expanded in a miraculous manner after the latest political change, the Prime Minister said more than 90 per cent of road users can reach their residence within an hour’s walk.

“A negative narrative that ‘nothing happened in Nepal’ has been created by not comparing the development process with pre-republic and post-republic conditions, but by making comparison with highly developed and developed countries. It is necessary to develop the positive thinking and energy that ‘it is possible and it can be done’ within the country, based on proper study and analysis of the recent development of Nepal,” PM Dahal explained.

Noting that the Department of Roads has been taking positive initiatives in the roads infrastructure sector, being based on the Government of Nepal’s short-term, medium-term and long-term plans, PM Dahal said more than 149 bridges have been constructed in the current fiscal year alone.

He added: “The breakthrough has been made of the Nagdhunga tunnel road in Kathmandu. Similarly, a breakthrough has been recently made in the Multi-purpose Marin Diversion Project. These have given the national and international message that the country has entered the ‘tunnel age’, and have also made contribution to achieving the goal of graduating the country to a developed nation status until 2026.

According to the Prime Minister, a ‘flyover’ is currently being constructed at Gwarko in Kathmandu under the Department of Roads and a ‘signature’ bridge is being constructed over the Madi and Seti rivers on Prithvi Highway.

He expressed the confidence that the traffic on the East-West Highway will be eased and well-managed after the construction of the ‘Signature Bridge’ connecting Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Gaindakot Municipality located in the middle of this highway.