Chinese People begin to distribute the food package in Lalitpur

April 29, 2020 Lalitpur –  China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) in co-ordination with Nepal Overseas Chinese Business Association held the Food Package Distribution Program in the Lalitpur metro municipality (Ward No. 22, Bhungmati) of Nepal. Under this program, a total of 250 families, who were in trouble due to the nationwide lockdown, were benefitted. The families were provided with groceries, including rice, oil and other essential cooking items.

Lalitpur lies in the Kathmandu Valley, a densely populated region of the country, and thousands of low-income people reside in the municipality. Though lockdown is one of the most efficient measures to restrain the contagion of the COVID – 19, the low – income population face difficulty as the rely on their daily income to meet the basic needs. The program has been conceptualized considering this grave situation of the low – income people. In the program ward President participated from the local government of Ward No. 22, Bhungmati, Lalitpur. Likewise, Zou Zhiqing, Country Director was present form the CFPA Nepal.

The beneficiaries commended our efforts and thanked us for helping them in this dire circumstance. For the prevention and contagion COVID – 19, it is informed that all activity held as per the criteria and rules provided by Nepal Government and WHO respectively. It is assured that social distancing, force by employing volunteer and proper management. CFPA Nepal Office has decided to lunch Food Package Distribution Program in Province 2 and Province 3 Nagarjun , Chandragiri , dakshinkali and Kathmandu respectively in coming days. As per Director of CFPA Nepal Office, this program will be helpful for more than 10,000 families in coming days.

The pandemic caused by the novel corona virus has threatened the entire human race and all the countries are concerned about the safety of its population. As Nepal shares an open border with India in the south, east and west, the alarming rate of virus spread in India is of serious concern to Nepal. Till date, more than 29000 confirmed cases have been seen in India whereas Nepal has reported a total of 54 confirmed cases. Also, the condition of health sector in Nepal is not satisfactory. In such situation, the only way left is the prevention of the disease. Taking these very factors into account, the nation has undergone a lockdown to ensure the health of its citizens. CFPA Nepal Office has installed Hand Wash Station at different location of province 2 and Province 3 Kathmandu, Kritipur , lalitpur Dakshinkali    respectively since starting. 107 hand wash station with (60 liter bucket and liquid hand wash ) and 33   Hand Wash Station (200 liter bucket and liquid hand wash )  ) already handover to the Community through the local government. Hand wash station is still in operating condition and helping people to stay hygiene in 1st phase.

This LOCK DOWN is already more one Month can increase as per future forecast by expert. Therefore, some Nepalese people are facing problem food and survive in this LOCK DOWN period. This COVID – 19 has bad influenced to the Nepalese community which brought LOCK DOWN Nepal. Many people are facing lots of problem in bungmati lalitpur due to LOCK DOWN.Total population of bugmati is 10109 and its area is 0.45 square km .The main aim of this program is to support marginal and low economical background family , daily wage worker and labor . The LOCK – DOWN bringing trouble condition to low income people. Regular income has been stop, many people are jobless .This relief program can make happiness on their hungry faces and stay in home and make success the LOCK – DOWN. Hence, they will be safe in this situation and Nepal will free from COVID 19 soon. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) Nepal Office has been conducting its philanthropic activities in Nepal since 2015. Considering the gravity of the situation caused by the pandemic, CFPA in coordination with Nepal Overseas Chinese Business Association is conducting Food Package Distribution Program in 2nd phase.

First stages of China foundation action in Nepal is building hand wash station, second stage of COVID -19 action now is food pack to effect community people Under this program, distributing 250 food packages – including rice, oil and other essential grocery items – to those in dire need of food materials in this troubling time when the nationwide lockdown has been imposed. CFPA and Nepal Overseas Chinese Business Association will maintain the social distance at the time of food material distribution with hand wash station.

CFPA is the biggest Humanitarian organization in China and the first active Chinese NGO in Nepal which has general agreement with SWC Nepal to channelize aid funds to assist in the reconstruction after the disaster ravage that occurred in April 2015.  CFPA had immediately launched emergency responses to Nepal Earthquake victims in Kathmandu. Till date CFPA Nepal office has helped more than 370,000 people. Our reconstruction program has undertaken various projects including disaster survey/research, life rescue, food provision, disinfection treatment, health care, and school support program and has mainly focused on 4 areas: education, water, sanitation and hygiene and health. Hepatitis B screening project has benefitted 50,000 people and 109 health workers’ exporter team in Kaski District. In the year 2017, we executed the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (WASH) in Nagarjun municipality, Kathmandu where 6 public toilets with water tanks and a wash hand system have been built and 1,200 women and children were trained.

Reconstructed 3 school after the earthquake and School support program includes schoolbag package (including stationeries), computer support programs, psychological counselling programs, bench support programs which benefited around 100,000 students in 7 province  And more than 150 women benefited from micro financial program and more than 150 local youth is now vocational training program supported by CFPA in Nepal.

At the massive earthquake 2015 Nepal Overseas Chinese Business distribute the food material to the local people and support to build the school . This assistantships have work here more than 6 years.

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